TinaWhoop Experience

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TinaWhoop Experience

First Experiences

I am happy to tell you about my TinaWhoop experience here on my blog.

The TinaWhoop is not a normal TinyWhoop, but it has far too much power with its 2s / 3s motors. Let’s take a look at them. It arrived in a really nice case and with a lot of accessories. Eg: Can you exchange the outer “Ducs” (the rings) with other colors. It’s cool and people perceive it more than toys if you flies in a park.

What struck me immediately was the very strong frame and the flexible Ducs, which cushion a crash and also protect the camera.

The VTX, the video signal transmitter runs with up to 400MW, which means a huge video range! The Runcam Nano 2 is definitely one of the best nano cams. You could also upgrade them. The antennas are well stowed, the flight computer is protected. The design is really great!

Who am I?

I’m actually a normal, somewhat tech-savvy guy. Family man, mid-30s from beautiful Tyrol. I started with FPV Racing 2 years ago and seeing the whole thing through my glasses as if you were sitting in it never let go of me!

Diatone FPV Racer Power

Tina Whoop Features

Tina Whoop Test

My Flying Experiences

The TinaWhoop cannot be compared to a TinyWhoop. It has more power around the world, but still flies super easy and precise. I would call the flight behavior top. A punch-up shows how quickly the thing shoots up. Take a look at my video too!

Due to the large amount of power, the small Diatone can also carry a Runcam 5, which films 4k pictures in GoPro quality. Together with the small size of the quad, this opens up completely new cinematic recordings! Absolutely awesome.

The range, provided you have a reasonably usable remote control, is really extremely large thanks to the powerful 400MW VTX. A few hundred meters is not a problem at all.

Since the frame is really strong, it can take a lot of crashes. Of course, the “Ducs” help a lot. The frame is made of the same material as the older GT-R239, which many reviewers considered the most powerful micro quad.

What to look out for?

The Tina Whoop runs on 2s and 3s batteries. The 3s are of course stronger and more maneuvers are possible. The 2s are then more for cruising and last longer. With the 3s you should still be careful, because I have heard of burnt-out engines when people have exaggerated. But you don’t have to be afraid.

Banggood offers the version with FrSky receiver, which fits with a FrSky remote control. If you are unsure, I wrote the appropriate equipment for it at the bottom right. With that you are immediately ready to go.

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Wo kaufen?

Die Diatone TinaWhoop gibts auf Banggood zu kaufen, wo ich fast immer alle meine Quads und Teile herbekomme. Die sind inzwischen echt superverlässlich. Ich habe von den vielen Dingen noch immer alles bekommen.

Hier ein Link zur TinaWhoop.

Die passende Ausrüstung, von Brille bis Fernbedienung habe ich euch gleich hier mitdazugeschrieben.

TinaWhoop long-term experience

Conclusion - the bottom line

The thing is just awesome, honestly! I fly with it so often because it’s an experience every time. It is also the perfect quad for me to practice and get better with maneuvers. Especially because it can hardly be broken.

So folks, he really has my recommendation with a clear conscience. This is my TinaWhoop experience.

Here you can go directly to the TinaWhoop:

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